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I first. Joined the social rum simply as something to motivate me to get my weight loss journey on track. But I got more intrigued as I got to know it purpose and mission.
Mental health being such with great stigma attached and that most of my people turn to shy away from or ignore it ever when facec with it's reality. This caught my attention.
I have never been diagnosed with mental illness myself, but I will not be surprised if I were told I have had a series of depressions in the past few years. I have had lots of lows that are uncountable but sort to resolves myself because where I come from, we must stay strong and tall despite the odds. Resilience is the watch word.
Well, seeing the recent events on the number of mental cases leading to deaths simply due to the negligence or shame that keeps many from going in for check and seek help...
I stand in admiration for the course of the social run. This is why I feel more convinced to add my voice to the course and do my part to encourage and help alleviate the stigma attached to this subtle but real illness.

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De jaarlijkse Socialrun, een estafetteloop van 555km, vormt de hoofdactiviteit van stichting Socialrun. Het evenement vindt standaard plaats in het derde weekend van september, komend jaar van 15 t/m 17 september 2023.